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Trim the Fat from Your Parts Department with Employee Training

Guy A vs Guy B

When I culled cows as a boy from our dairy herd, I remember what happened when some of them dropped to under two gallons per day and weren’t expecting a calf.  They weren’t earning their hay, so they were goners. Why don’t we do that at the Parts counter?  Why do we keep people when they don’t produce?

Breaking the Habit of Special Discounts

Discount Hand Truck

A neighbor, his wife, and your brother-in-law walk up to the parts counter.  And the Parts Manager says… - Nope, this is not just an old, bad joke with a corny punch line.  There’s more. Here comes a Fireman, a Policeman, the fleet manager for the city, and the family that bought a new unit from you yesterday.

3 Tips to Hiring Good Accounting Help

Buried in Paperwork

If you had to choose between hiring a new parts sales person or a qualified bookkeeper, which would you choose? If you answered the sales person because they are going to generate revenue you would be in the majority. However, looking at the bookkeeper or accountant as solely a cost or a necessary evil is short-sighted and will prove costly.

Want Some Fries With That Burger? - Upselling at the Parts Counter

describe the image

I was sitting at the parts manager’s desk waiting for the computer to boot up.  Nothing much to do for a few seconds, and my eyes wandered to the various notes pinned to the wall.  One in particular caught my attention:  A picture of a golf green, flag out of the hole waiting for the putt, and the following instructions:

Pantyhose and a Jar of Vaseline

Tools Pegboard cutout

My little brother Larry turned to his young wife and said:  “Annie, take off your pantyhose.” Now, Annie was a pretty cool gal, but this request was made on a blazing hot day, in the middle of Nevada on deserted Highway US 50, with a broken-down Mercedes-Benz on the side of the road.  They were 50 miles west of Austin, and the motor was red hot because of a fan belt that had just shredded to pieces.

Stop Lost Sales From Happening: Keys to Understanding True Demand


The guy had pulled out his wallet.  He had cash in his hand, but I couldn’t find the part he needed.  The keys were now tapping on the counter, and I knew I was losing him, so I went to plan B:  “Looks like I don’t have that part right now, but I can order that for you and have it here tomorrow.”  He looks at the clock, says “Nah, I’ve got to have it today”, puts his wallet back in his pocket and walks out the door.

The Speed of Trust Helps Business Move Faster


Think about it. When you can trust an employee, when you can trust a supplier, and when you can trust a customer, everything just moves faster.  The friction created by doubt and distrust is removed and things get done.  Quicker. 

Dealership Accounting Woes and Fixes

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The Problem: Your accounting is a mess.  Nothing is right.  You cannot rely on any number in either your Profit and Loss statement, or your Balance Sheet.  The bank will no longer accept a statement from you, but rather asks for one from your accountant.  And your accountant?  He won’t take your financial statements either.  He asks only for your bank statements, your check stubs, and a list of any new equipment you have purchased this year.  He wonders why you try to do it anyway, it is so obviously wrong.

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